Zoetis has launched the first oral vaccine for dogs in Europe.

Zoetis has launched the first oral vaccine for dogs in Europe.

Zoetis has launched the first oral vaccine for dogs in Europe.

Versican Plus Bb Oral is a new vaccine against Bordetella bronchiseptica – one of the primary causal agents of canine infectious respiratory disease complex (CIRDC).

The product was officially launched into the European market at an event in Madrid on 31 October, and is expected to be available in most EU countries by the end of 2019.

Described as offering a more comfortable mode of delivery than intranasal or injectable vaccines, the new liquid vaccine is administered into the mouth and has a 12-month duration of immunity.

Common pathogen
While numerous causal agents exist for CIRDC (both viral and bacterial), Bordetella is one of the most common pathogens associated with the complex.

Zoetis established its European Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Advisory Board to provide guidance and advice on the product’s launch.

The board is made up of specialists and veterinary surgeons from across Europe, including former BSAVA president Michael Day.

Prof Day spoke at the launch, where he welcomed the new vaccine against CIRDC, which is now prevalent across Europe.

Prof Day said: “I think it is exciting for European vets now to have another option in the way they deliver non-core Bordetella protection.

“There will be different situations depending on circumstances in which either an oral, intranasal or injectable route of administration will be more appropriate.”


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