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01. Services

Technical Services

Our Technical services are designed to support the technical needs for all animal health sectors, in order to have the right information, which will reflect in your decision, animal, profit and people

We provide information and epidemiological updates of different species in different markets. 
We also evaluate regional and individual technical training needs of the team in different markets and provide local expertise in different animal health sectors.
We support all animal health related people
  • Students 
  • Workers
  • Veterinary technicians
  • Farmers
  • Pet owners 
  • Veterinaries
  • Veterinary schools 
02. Services

Regulatory Training

QVETECH Regulatory Services is a full service regulatory affairs consultancy helping Animal Health pharmaceutical companies to be in the market faster and more effective and meet local authorities’ updated demand.

We offer a regulatory training for:
1- Guideline for veterinary Pharmaceutical policies
2- Guideline for Veterinary biological policies
3- Regulatory Policies in Middle East Region
4- CTD training
5- Stability studies Guide Lines
6- Method of Analysis for Pharmaceuticals
  – Microbiological Assay
  – UV
  – GC
7- How to build up Dossiers
8- How to Manage your regulatory team
9- Pharmacovigilnance Training

Regulatory Services

  1. Recruiting and establishment of the regulatory team
  2. Preparation and submission of Registration dossiers according to different countries policies till obtaining a registration certificate
  3. Building up CTD Files (Biological and Pharmaceuticals)
  4. Building up Artworks
  5. Conducting Stability studies.
  6. Creating suitable Method of analysis for pharmaceutical products
  7. Life Cycle management including (Variation)
  8. Renewal of Registered Product
  9. Choosing the products suitable for Each Country, through Market analysis.


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