Visakhapatnam: 5 in hospital with anthrax

Visakhapatnam: 5 in hospital with anthrax

Visakhapatnam: Five suspected anthrax cases have been admitted to King George Hospital (KGH) and their samples have been sent to the microbiology department for biopsy. The report will come in two days, said Dr G Krishna Murthy, in-charge superintendent of the government hospital.

“The five persons are from Pinapadu village in Chintapalle mandal. They may have contracted anth-rax due to consumption of the meat of an infected animal. The toxins are seen on the hands and at the back of the ears of these patients. It may not spread further as treatment is being administered,” he said.

Anthrax is an infection caused by a bacterium that occurs most commonly in animals. According to District Medical and Health Officer R Ramesh, the five persons are suspected to have cutaneous anthrax, which is not complicated. This form of anthrax could enter the body through a cut or scratch in the skin. Infection usually develops in a week after exposure. Without treatment, 25 per cent of people with cutaneous anthrax may die.

If anthrax is diagnosed in the lungs (pulmonary anthrax), it can be dangerous.

Six months ago, five people from Kodigunjuv-alasa in Araku mandal suffered from anthrax. Anthrax cases are reported mostly in agency areas such as Chintapalli and Araku every year. People should be warned to stay away from dead animals, Mr Ramesh said.

The DMHO has alerted the veterinary department to organise vaccination camps in all the surrounding agency areas. They will vaccinate animals such as cows, goats and sheep in 40-50 villages of the district.

Intestinal anthrax is another form, contracted through eating the meat of infected animals. It is thus important to identify the kind of anthrax to prevent further spread.

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