#OIE Reports #FMD Outbreak in #Tete Province

#OIE Reports #FMD Outbreak in #Tete Province

#OIE Reports #FMD Outbreak in #Tete Province

MOZAMBIQUE – Dr Américo Da Conceicao, National Director at the Ministry of Agriculture in Maputo has reported an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Tete Province affecting cattle.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) received an immediate notification on Monday, 18 June. According to the report, the outbreak was initially observed on 24 April and confirmed on 11 May.

An antibody detection ELISA test has been carried out at the Veterinary Research Institute – DCA, for which the result remains pending.

A total of 290 animals have been found susceptible, out of which 48 cases were reported and eight deaths were recorded. None of the affected animals have been killed or disposed of.

While the exact source of the outbreak remains inconclusive, contact with infected animal(s) at grazing/watering and fomites from humans, vehicles, feed, etc. are suspected to be the main causes.

According to the OIE, presence of ulcerative lesions on the mouth and gums of the animals have been detected. Also, wounds have been found to be present in interdigital space. Animals of all ages have been found to be affected.

Some of the measures that have been applied include:

Movement control inside the country
Surveillance within containment and/or protection zone
Vaccination permitted (if a vaccine exists)
None of the affected animals are to receive treatment.

Further control measures to be applied are vaccination in response to the outbreak and surveillance outside containment and/or protection zone.

Source The cattlesite , 19 June 2018



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