MSD, MSD Animal Health and Novonordisk Egypt awarded the Best Places To Work certification in Egypt for 2018

MSD, MSD Animal Health and Novonordisk Egypt awarded the Best Places To Work certification in Egypt for 2018

MSD, MSD Animal Health and Novonordisk Egypt awarded the Best Places To Work certification in Egypt for 2018
MSD, MSD Animal Heath and Novo Nordisk Egypt were awarded the best place to work certification in Egypt for 2018, according to the annual Workplace research program. Best Places to Work program is an international program providing employers in different countries the opportunity to learn more about the engagement and satisfaction of their employees and honor those who deliver an outstanding work experience with a great commitment to workplace engagement.

MSD Egypt, the local subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc., a leading research-driven pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of innovative health care products, was awarded the top position where employees take pride in the organisation’s values and culture.

MSD Animal Heath Egypt, a subsidiary of MSD Animal Health, global leader in the animal health market, in the manufacturing, marketing, research and development of animal health products, came as the second best place to work where employees experience multiple opportunities to learn and enhance skills. Employees are happy to work there; and feel good about values, overall culture and the brand.

Novonordisk Egypt, a multinational pharmaceutical company with several years of innovation and leadership in diabetes, came as third place to work in Egypt for 2018. Employees in Egypt rank the company high on employee conditions, credibility and trust. Additionally, the company received outstanding scores across several aspects of their workplace such as leadership, satisfaction and opportunities, personal growth of the employees resulting in its recognition among the employer of choice in Egypt.

“At MSD, we believe that people are our most prized asset. As a leader in the biopharmaceutical sector, we pride ourselves on providing an enriching professional experience that is engaging, rewarding and provides our team with developmental opportunities that can uplift their careers. Being chosen as the number one employer for Best Places to Work in Egypt clearly indicates that we are on the right track, and I am confident that the future is bright for our organization” said, Ramy Koussa, Managing Director MSD Egypt

“At MSD Animal Health Egypt, we believe that maximizing human capital is crucial for our leadership and business success. We mean equipping, empowering and engaging our workforce to bring the best self to the daily work and to execute with excellence. We equip our people with the right tools, skills and knowledge that will help them to be competent and confident in achieving their individual and company goals.” said, Mamdouh Mahfouz, Managing Director for MSD Animal Health

“Novo Nordisk Egypt is a people oriented organization that is built on a concrete belief that they are our main assets. The fundamentals of respect, transparency and engagement are embedded in our culture and the Novo Nordisk Way” said, Hassan Fahmi, General Manager of Novonordisk Egypt

“The results prove once again that the employees in the certified companies in Egypt are proud to work for their companies and they continue to feel as being part of a family” said Hamza Idrissi, Program Manager for Egypt.

Date: 28/11/2018


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