Hipra goes for total control of Coccidiosis at WVPAC 2017

Within the framework of the XXth WVPA Congress held in Edinburgh from 4th to 8th September 2017, HIPRA introduced the SMART VACCINATION concept as an innovative tool to gain total control of Coccidiosis.

Within the framework of the XXth WVPA Congress held in Edinburgh from 4th to 8th September 2017, HIPRA introduced the SMART VACCINATION concept as an innovative tool to gain total control of Coccidiosis.

HIPRA have developed significant innovations in the vaccine, administration method and data analysis which were launched at WVPAC 2017 and can offer customers total control of coccidiosis for their flock.

Jesús Rubio, Manager of the Poultry Business Unit for HIPRA said in an exclusive interview with The Poultry Site that “The WVPA Congress is the global reference point for the poultry industry particularly in pathology. It is clear that both HIPRA and the WVPA believe in prevention so it is the perfect place to launch Smart Vaccination”

200 veterinary professionals gathered at the grand Edinburgh Assembly Rooms for the HIPRA symposium for the launch of Smart Vaccination. The event was shrouded in mystery with the organising committee keeping details of the content close to their chest but a personalised microchipped vial of vaccine to accompany our name badges was an indicator of the modern and professional display that was to come.

HIPRA Smart Vaccination is the culmination of a 3-step process for the total and transparent control of what remains one of the costliest parasites in poultry production – coccidiosis.

I was to learn that the innovations developed in each step of HIPRA’s Smart Vaccination means that customers can now be assured of total control of coccidiosis in their flocks meaning greater uniformity of their birds. Smart Vaccination is the collective term for the 3-part process for vaccination and emphasises the position of prevention before treatment that HIPRA are not alone in championing.

  1. Hipracox® and Evalon®: vaccines
  2. Hipraspray®: administration
  3. Hipralink®: live support, digital monitoring and data analysis tool.

Hipracox® and Evalon®

Evalon® is a vaccine oriented to prevent coccidiosis in long life cycle birds and Hipracox® is a vaccine with specific strains for broilers.

Both vaccines have been produced with colour and aroma that significantly increases uptake by chicks during administration and comes in a microchipped vial that records the number of does, batch number and expiration data. When used with Hipraspray® and the Hipralink® the chip provides 100% traceability of vaccine administration which is being called for more and more often by customers.


Hipraspray® is the unique administration tool that optimises uptake of the vaccine by ensuring a consistent droplet size. It is available semi-automatic, manual and in line format which is therefore made to be compatible with all hatcheries.

Hipraspray can be monitored on line so the maintenance tasks can be advanced by HIPRA technical services.


Connected by an Ethernet cable to the Hipraspray®, the Hipralink® tool allows live monitoring for every vaccine administration session. One can monitor the number of does delivered, number of birds vaccinated and even staff member responsible. Additionally, the user is connected to the HIPRA support team in real time for access to guidance and troubleshooting.

Mr Rubio said “With producers being very focused on traceability for their retailers we wanted to give the producers the option to demonstrate traceability from the beginning of the story in the hatchery with Vaccination.” He continued “With hatcheries playing a more important role in vaccination and because they are so often far away from the grow-out farms Smart Vaccination is a great solution for full confidence in product.”

100% vaccination is possible

4 myths busted:

  1. There isn’t enough vaccine for 100% vaccination – HIPRA have the capacity and flexibility to produce enough vaccine for all broilers in the world
  2. Production costs will go up – vaccination with Hipracox® has been demonstrated to costs less than production with anticoccidials
  3. Vaccination increases the use of antibiotics – Hipracox® use has demonstrably decreased the use of antibiotics compared to flocks on anticoccidials
  4. Vaccination reduces feed conversion rate – vaccination using Hipracox® has demonstrated an improved feed conversion rate and moreover an improved uniformity of flock.

With the total control of coccidiosis from HIPRA, the producer is able to fight against coccidiosis without the use of anticoccidials in traceable, controlled and supported way.



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