Chicken Meat Price Doubles in a Week

Chicken Meat Price Doubles in a Week

PAKISTAN – The price of chicken meat has gone up by Rs170 per kilogram in one week. Now it is being sold at Rs340 per kilogram, which was available at Rs170 seven days ago.

Rawalpindi Chicken Wholesale Dealers Association General Secretary Bilal Ahmed Abbasi told The News that due to foggy weather supply is not reaching Rawalpindi and Islamabad, causing chicken shortage and a price hike.

Secondly, prices increased due to the ongoing marriage season, he said.

Instead of taking notice of this increase of chicken prices, the city district government has also shown rising trend in prices of chicken in routine price lists.

Price Control Committee Secretary Nazar Hussain said the prices of chicken meat are fixed by wholesale dealers on daily basis.

“We are helpless in fixing rates of poultry products,” he claimed.

The chicken retailers have complained of low sale due to skyrocketing prices for seven days.

According to The News, it is worth mentioning here that federal government has already given maximum relaxations on duty and taxes despite of it chicken prices going skyrocketing day-to-day.

Talking to The News, people belonging to different walks of life strongly condemned the increasing price of chicken.

They said that the ineffective price checking mechanism of the city district government has given a freehand to chicken sellers to fleece consumers



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