Avian flu outbreaks emerge across the globe

Avian flu outbreaks emerge across the globe

Highly pathogenic avian flu outbreaks have affected countries in Europe, Asia and Africa in the past week. Countries hit are the Netherlands, India, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Dutch officials have reported that an outbreak of H5 poultry reported near the city of Oldekerk has been confirmed as reassortant H5N6, according to a report from the OIE.


CIDRAP reported the virus killed 230 of nearly 28,000 susceptible birds, with the remaining birds culled to control the virus spread. In a separate report, officials also reported H5N6 in a wild duck found dead in North Holland.

South Africa, which has been hit hard by avian influenza, has reported another H5N8 outbreak in backyard poultry. Further H5N8 cases have been found in seabirds in the Western Cape province.

In Saudi Arabia, officials have reported 7 more cases of H5N8 bird flu on farms in Riyadh province, which killed nearly 38,000 birds. The remaining 450,000 susceptible birds were also destroyed.

And in India, authorities have detected H5N1 in house crows in the city of Pardeep in Orissa state in the eastern part of the country. The event has led to the death of more than 170 crows but the source of the virus is not known.






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