A new era in amino acid balancing.

A new era in amino acid balancing.

A new era in amino acid balancing.

Research has shown that Amino Acid (AA) balancing is important for ruminants and that a combination of Lysine (Lys) and Methionine (Met) is required. The focus has now turned to the importance of maximising microbial protein production and the use of high-quality rumen undegradable protein.

Both Met and Lys ensure that higher quality metabolic protein reaches the small intestine. As Met and Lys are limiting amino acids in all types of diets across Europe, it is imperative to use Rumen Protected (RP)-Met and RP-Lys in moderate crude protein ruminant diets.

New technologies needed

Recent technological advances have been developed to protect Met and Lys from microbial degradation, allowing the RP-AA to pass to the abomasum and small intestine. Research is evaluating different methods for quantifying ruminal AA escape and for measuring ruminal outflows and digestibility. This provides us with a reliable characterisation of the RP-AA matrix.

However, producing products with both excellent protection from ruminal degradation and high intestinal release is not easy. Another critical factor is the stability of those supplements in a feed matrix or within a total mixed ration (TMR). Feed additive manufacturers have developed processes that reduce the degradation rate of amino acids in RP-AA, but they still struggle to balance low ruminal degradation with high intestinal digestibility.

Key features of a RP-AA

An effective RP-AA must be stable during grain mix preparation, when mixing feed and in the ration. It must survive the passage through the mouth (mastication, salivation), releasing little amino acid in the rumen and passing quickly into the omasum. Reducing the mean retention time in the rumen by varying the size and density of particles is a promising way to increase the rumen-undegraded protein and thus improve effectiveness.

More details: https://www.allaboutfeed.net/F2R/?returnurl=%2fFeed-Additives%2fArticles%2f2019%2f12%2fA-new-era-in-amino-acid-balancing-520401E%2f

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