Second Ebola patient dies in Uganda, Kenya on high alert

Second Ebola patient dies in Uganda, Kenya on high alert

Second Ebola patient dies in Uganda, Kenya on high alert
A second patient affected with the deadly Ebola virus in Uganda has died in the current outbreak, a health ministry official said on Thursday.

“A grandmother also died last night,” Emanuel Ainebyona, Uganda health ministry spokesman told Reuters.
The first fatality, a five-year-old boy who had crossed into Uganda from Democratic Republic of Congo, died late on Tuesday. The second patient to die was the boy’s grandmother.
The Ugandan government is now reporting seven other suspected cases of the virus.
Meanwhile, neighboring Kenya on Wednesday issued a health alert notice following the outbreak in Uganda.
Sicily Kariuki, cabinet secretary for health, said that Kenya has put all its personnel on high alert ready to tackle any outbreak of the disease.
She noted that the ministry’s multi-agency Ebola preparedness and response committee is coordinating preparedness and response measures in the event of an outbreak.
Kenya’s Ministry of Health said on Twitter that they are working to “ensure relevant surveillance measures are in place to safeguard the health of all Kenyans.”
Kenya is reacting following an EVD reported case in Uganda where a five-year-old child died after he reportedly traveled from DRC with his mother and arrived in Uganda on Monday this week. Two other family members have also been
Between 2014 and 2016, Kenyans experts responded to EVD outbreak in West Africa where they participated in the management of cases in the region.



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