Saudi Arabia Saudi Ministry, wildlife authority confirm commitment to preserve environment

Saudi Arabia Saudi Ministry, wildlife authority confirm commitment to preserve environment

RIYADH: The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and the Saudi Wildlife Authority have confirmed their commitment to preserving the environment.
The two government agencies also said that in this regard, they are working in tandem to develop protective mechanisms.
The ministry said that threats to the environment in Saudi Arabia include hunting and trafficking in migratory birds, local media reported.
The ministry also confirmed that birds have several environmental benefits to local plants and protect from pests.
It also said that it’s working with concerned authorities in the Kingdom to implement all regulations and decisions to protect migratory birds.
Regulations have been set up against hunting animals and wild birds, trading in endangered species and their products, and a decision has been made to ban the hunting of migratory birds in the Kingdom.
Moreover, the ministry has also undertaken measures to prevent the outbreak of the highly pathogenic avian influenza in the Middle East and the possibility of its transmission to humans due to migratory birds.
The ministry called on everyone to cooperate and participate in protecting the environment by reporting violations on its telephone number or communicating the information to the Saudi Wildlife Authority through its Twitter account.
The ministry added that more than 300 accounts on social networks have been detected which show clear violations of regulations in force in the Kingdom and directed the appropriate authorities to apply legal sanctions against them.
It added that it’s working to establish safe havens to protect migratory birds and directed authorities to intensify efforts to achieve a safe and sustainable environment.

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