QRD has a well-established farm contains modern facility to raise different species of Poultry, Rabbits & laboratory animals
QRD provide to companies to do product trials, efficiency studies, residues studies with collaboration of Universities professors and Governmental labs
QRD facility can be used for training of technical team of pharmaceutical companies.
QRD facility can do biochemical analysis of feed ingredients, water activity analysis, mycotoxin analysis and NIR analysis of feed mills.
QRD provides for trial animals to do biological sampling of urine, stool, tissues ,blood etc. which facilitate the research work done on pharmaceuticals-Vaccines-Feed Additives or Animal Feed.
QRD facilities helps post. Graduate students with research in labs with highly qualified equipment, providing experimental farm for research and assisting in their scientific experiments and processing its procedure.
QRD facility collaborate with professors and researchers in their rearing the trials birds & animals under controlled conditions and collect samples at planned date for examination