Prominent poultry producer partners with cultivated meat co.

One of Europe’s largest poultry producers has partnered with a food-tech company that develops cultivated meat. Together they aim to bring cultivated meat products, including chicken, turkey, and duck, to European consumers.

PHW Group in Europe has signed an MoU with food-tech company, SuperMeat, a partnership of which solidifies the brands’ joint mission to bring cultivated meat products to the masses in Europe.

With this signed MoU, PHW Group and SuperMeat will work together to obtain EU authorization of the products and be among the first to develop, manufacture and distribute cultivated meat at a large scale.

Taste, texture, and nutritional composition of chicken

According to SuperMeat, the company’s proprietary cultivated meat platform will enable them to offer cultivated meat products that meet consumers’ expectations across taste, texture and nutritional composition, but without the use of animals.

Meanwhile, PHW Group has been an active player in the alternative protein market and says it has invested in a diverse portfolio of alternative protein products, including participating in SuperMeat’s previous funding round.

Photo: SuperMeat

In the recent press release, PHW Group noted that it is the only company from the meat industry to rank among the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders, and that “its ongoing investment in alternative ways of manufacturing some of the world’s most staple meat proteins is part of this commitment to advance more sustainable meat practices”.



Copied from Poultry world

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