Poultry Farmers, Traders Welcome GST

INDIA – The Poultry Farmers and Traders Samithi (PFTS) on Thursday said the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will boost poultry business and trade in Kerala.

The implementation of GST will reduce the cost of chicken by about Rs.30 per kg,” PFTS state secretary S Jayakumaran told reporters.

According to The News Indian Express, the PFTS state secretary said that Kerala was the only state which levied a 14.5 per cent tax on chicken even as other states accepted it as a part of agriculture and waived such taxes.

He said a poultry farmer had to pay additional taxes at every stage, right from purchasing chicks, providing them with feed to selling them. This prevented many people from taking up poultry as a business, he said.

PFTS joint secretary Pramod said Kerala produced just 40 per cent of the total sales due to the tax. The rest 60 per cent of the trade in the state was carried out by neighbouring states.

“There are about 800 registered farmers in the state. The state earned ‘109 crore as taxes from the poultry business,” he said.

“By including poultry under agriculture, more people will be able to enter the field and produce sufficient quantity of chicken.

“Unlike neighbouring states, Kerala is yet to tap the potential of exporting chicken meat. With the reduction in prices, they can now look forward to it.”

PFTS president Binny Emmatty said people will now be able to get funds from Nabard and other agencies to carry out the business.

“Over 8 lakh (approx. 800,000) people depend on the business, directly and indirectly. Around 1 crore (approx. 10 million) kg of chicken meat is sold every week. GST will help farmers and people further,” he said.





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