Pig Breeding, Chicken Egg Production in EEU States Named as Growth Points

KAZAKHSTAN – The Eurasian Economic Commission declares that pig breeding and production of chicken eggs is the growth points in the agriculture of 2017-2018, reads the draft prognosis of the development of agricultural complex EEU.


According to KazTAG, the department of agricultural policy EEU has prepared the project “Joint prognosis of development of agricultural complex, balance of demand and proposal for 2017-2018”.

The production growth and refusal from import will be fixed almost in all the regions of agriculture in 2017 and 2018.

Experts expect highest growth in pork trade and eggs export,” said the publication in Izvestiya newspaper.

By 2018 the index on internal sale of pork will rise by 3 times.

The message reads: “Mutual trade with pork between the EEU states will grow up to 24.7 thousand tons, 42.5 per cent up in comparison to 2016.

“A year later the index will reach 45.1 thousand tons – 68.5 per cent higher in comparison to 2016.

“Increase of sales volume in the sector will be provided basically through production growth in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.”





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