Measles Hits Cattle in Bulawayo-ZIMBABWE

Measles Hits Cattle in Bulawayo-ZIMBABWE

ZIMBABWE – A leading meat processing firm in Bulawayo says most animals from communal farmers are being condemned and destroyed at slaughter point as they are infected with measles due to poor hygiene and farmers are losing a lot of money.

Health environment remains critical in livestock farming and farmers have been reminded of the importance of a hygienic environment to prevent diseases such as measles in animals that has cost farmers thousands of dollars as more than 10 per cent of animals that are sold as direct slaughter have been found to be infected with measles.

According to ZBC News Online, an official of the leading meat processor in the city, Rodger Tavares said it is sad that they have to destroy some carcasses due to measles – a disease that is caused by poor disposal of human waste which is later consumed by animals.

The strictness in meat inspection equally calls upon farmers to exercise total hygiene to avoid loss of revenue through destruction of the animals.

Further investigations show that the most affected farming areas are those where there is a high prevalence of small scale miners and in mopani worms harvesting areas which do not have ablution facilities.

As the ranching sector goes commercial, the knowledge and the structure of the market remains critical to farmers who continue to cry over poor prices offered by buyers.

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