Training and Development

The program outline:

1-    Effective Selling model

2-    Market segmentation

3-    Planning and reporting

4-    Execution and evaluation

5-    Collection of money



1-    Effective Selling model 

Essential selling skills for new comers and existing colleagues to shape the brand in the top of customer mind and positing our reps in a very establish position on the top of mind their customers.

The program items:

      Pre-planning process

      Accurate segmentation for clients

      Build rapport

      Business Etiquette

      Professional persuasion

      Power of agreement





2-    Market segmentation

The compellation of this program will support both managers and field force to properly identify the customer insights and tailoring the executive plan to magnify the company image and achieve the company goals.

Social style:

·        Amiable

·        Expressive

·        Driver

·        Analytical


3-    Planning and reporting

By proper understand the customer needs and constrains of situations they will be smart planning accordingly reporting for the betterment of business, also they will identify the area, customer potentials
and plan for the call

4-    Execution and evaluation

 They will be able to open conversation and engage the Customer, and generate insights to attract the customers and provide appropriate solutions
able to listen and address the customer concerns and response and take the effective commitment that impact results.

5-    Collection of money

Especially for vet field you cann’t go further without collection, evaluate and  monitor the customers situation, progress, and make plan of action to rapidly correct the gap

·        Influence strategies

·        Closing techniques

·        Negotiation to yes

·        Distributive nego.

·        Integrative nego.


·        Role plays