QVETECH Animal health consultancy established to support Pharmaceutical companies, Poultry producers, Ruminant producers and Companion animals hospital to verify their growth opportunities. Optimize their market penetration and access the right customers in faster & more efficient way

QVETECH Animal health consultancy established to support veterinarians, animal owners, farmers, producers and different business throughout Middle East & Africa.

QVETECH: - Supporting partners to grow their business through ensuring choice of high quality products fitting market needs, and help them to support industry to reach self-satisfaction and animal welfare

QVETECH: - Enabling fastest and most compliant want & support them with good quality veterinary services satisfy the needs of veterinarians

QVETECH: - Work to serve veterinarians and animal owners by innovative and high quality solutions has a team own several experiences in regulatory, sales & marketing, technical services and logistics in ME markets. 

 QVETECH Support for animal health companies will keep the balance between protein production & animal welfare

QVETECH Based in Cairo and Dubai

QVETECH Shareholders are group of expertise in different animal health fields allowing Qvetech to serve customers in a better way





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