Beef Prices Rise Another 5c-10c/Kg During W18

Beef Prices Rise Another 5c-10c/Kg During W18

07 May 2018

IRELAND – IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said the beef trade continues to strengthen with prices rising by another 5c to 10c/kg this week.

He said the base price for steers has moved up again with farmers getting €4.10/kg and heifers making a base of €4.20/kg.

He also said some factories have had to pay €4.15/kg for steers and €4.25/kg for heifers to get numbers.

Mr Woods said demand is very strong and tighter supplies have left factories chasing feeders for numbers.

He said finishers need to bargain hard and make sure they are getting full value as all the market indications both here and in our main market in the UK point to higher prices in the coming weeks.

He said with the very late spring there will be no volume of grass cattle until well into July.

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