African chicken production future bright but challenging

African chicken production future bright but challenging

African demand for poultry meat and eggs is expected to see significant growth in the coming years as incomes rise and urbanization continues. The rewards for the industry could be significant, but challenges also will need to be resolved.

Read the entire report about Africa’s chicken production future exclusively in the December issue of Poultry International.

Speaking at Poultry Africa, held in early October in Kigali, Rwanda, Nan-Dirk Mulder, Rabobank senior analyst animal protein, noted that Africa’s economic growth had been above the global average over the past couple of years, but that it would not simply be growing economies driving demand; population growth and urbanization would also push demand for animal protein higher.

Within sub-Saharan Africa, for example, the population is expected to double by 2050. Concurrently, there will be a drift to the cities. Currently, 40 percent of the population lives in urban areas. By 2050, this will have risen to 60 percent.

As demographics change, there will be a further shift across the continent to consuming eggs and meat, with demand for the latter due to increase by 5-6 percent per year.

This growth will build on what, by global standards, are low levels of protein consumption. Daily protein intake in Africa stands at 69.1 grams per day, significantly below the global average of 81.2 grams. Only 23 percent of protein intake in Africa comes from animal sources.

It is also worth remembering that Africa is resource rich, and is home to many small, but fast-growing economies in the sub-Saharan region, yet a number of significant issues remain to be resolved across the chicken meat and egg sectors.

Speaking at the Marketing Outlook, organized by WATT Global Media as part of Poultry Africa’s Leadership Conference, Vincent Guyonnet, managing director of FFI Consulting, noted that, while Africa is home to 13 percent of the global population, it only accounts for approximately 4 percent of the world’s egg production.

Unsurprisingly, egg consumption is also low. In 2013, of the 50 countries around the world where less than one egg per week was consumed, 13 were in Africa, Guyonnet noted.




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